Practice Held in Common, MA in Fine Art and Design, ArtEZ, Arnhem (NL)

The MA Practice Held in Common is an experiential, practice-based research environment.

The MA Practice Held in Common supports participants in building and sustaining a creative practice from what is alive in them. Once we learn to practice from what is alive in us, we can more easily connect to what is alive in others. Participants are supported in organizing their creative practice in such a way that it enriches life, both for them and the people they choose to work and connect with.

The Practice Held in Common curriculum engages Compassionate Communication as a core practice inviting participants to develop a creative attitude towards all aspects of life. Practising from a framework of shared human needs and values we are inspired to move beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing towards the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible.

The programme seeks to activate and develop the following research areas, that neither delineate nor exclude:

  • Ecosystems – With an awareness of our interdependence, how do we create our actions and activities to be of benefit to others?
  • Self-Expression – How do we involve the lived experience of our identity formation as a powerful tool to question and lighten our cultural and social conditioning?
  • Community – Can we engage our skills and competencies to contribute to the wellbeing and joy of ourselves and others?
  • Beauty – How, by way of material practices, do we individually and collectively ritualize and give expression to a sensuous and intuitive experience of the world?


Rooted in Arnhem (NL), the Practice Held in Common programme connects with diverse national and international partners. Participants are supported by a dedicated team of mentors and facilitators in curating a sequence of Immersive Learning Experiences, engaging with diverse localities, communities and fields of practice.

The Master Practice Held in Common is open to participants from every field of practice from economics to visual arts.

Call for Creative Practices
‘Ways of Caring - Practicing Solidarity’
30 June—1 July 2022
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International Conference organized by ArtEZ University of the Arts (Fashion Professorship, MA Critical Fashion Practices, MA Practice Held in Common, BA Fashion Design) & State of Fashion in collaboration with Fashion Revolution


This is a call for all critical fashion practitioners that embrace solidarity in their practice.


The conference ‘Ways of Caring – Practicing Solidarity’ explores how to practice solidarity in fashion. In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, we’ve heard many calls for solidarity, a more solidary fashion industry, and more solidary practices of making and wearing. Yet, what are solidary ways of making, wearing and doing fashion? What does practicing solidarity actually mean? What or whom do we need to be solidary with? What does it mean to be solidary with each other, with animals, or with the earth, for example? How should we learn to do so? What should we unlearn? And how can we create the conditions to perform solidary behaviour on the long term?


In this conference we want to create encounters, open up conversations, and facilitate actual dialogues to collectively explore possible ways of practicing more solidarity in fashion. In close collaboration with Fashion Revolution, we invite platforms, educational institutes, artists, designers, collectives, researchers, performers, activists, healers, farmers, and/or critical fashion practitioners to share and present their visions on how to practice solidarity in fashion, and what that could – should – entail in the future. We value sharing knowledge, exchange and interactions, strengthening relations, collectivity and communities.


More information about the conference and how to participate here