The Linen Project
General Information

The Linen Project is a research project within the Practice Held in Common programme. Prospective participants are invited and can apply to conduct their research and engage their skills for a two-year period within the context of the Linen Project. The Linen Project offers an extensive research environment with a diversity of local and international partners. Together we explore, research and activate the economic viability of small-scale linen production in the Netherlands and in other localities.

Can we revive, in a sustainable manner, the local production of linen and linen products in the Netherlands? Can we create self-sustaining local ecologies and regenerative ecosystems? How can we ensure that small-scale agricultural and textile production become economically viable? How can the development of hybrid business models – such as worker cooperatives and other social enterprises focused on strengthening local communities – help us to improve the quality of life by re-establishing a natural balance with the earth upon which we live?